Ten reasons Bournemouth 7s is always a great time…


I’ve been very quiet with posts recently because I’ve only just recovered from Bournemouth Sevens Festival. Every year every one from Bournemouth always looks forward to May Bank Holiday. A weekend of sport, friends, drinking and music. 


Here are ten reasons why Bournemouth Sevens is always a great time….


  1. It’s completely acceptable to drink in the day. The hardcore ones start when doors open at 9am…
  2. No one judges you for going on a two/three day bender, what better way to spend your Bank Holiday Weekend? 
  3. It’s not all about alcohol of course… There is loads of sport to watch. Netball, Rugby and Dodgeball teams coming from all over the country.
  4. Want to get involved? There are lots of acitivities to get involved in – bubble football anyone? Or maybe you’d rather just relax in a hot tub. 
  5. Everyone is there. It’s the World’s Largest Sport and Musical Festival. It’s such a social event and a great way to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while.
  6. Love a music festival? There are ten arenas to choose from with live DJs playing your favourite tunes.
  7. If you’re a performer you can get show off your talents on the karaoke. 
  8. Pretty much anything goes in terms of clothing. There are three themed days of fancy dress. Don’t like the theme? That’s okay too, this year it was bright and tight and superheros yet my friends decided retro tennis players and lifeguards were the answer.
  9. You can dust off those expensive hunters or those snazzy wellies that you bought but never wear as it can get messy. Plus there’s an Ibiza foam party to get involved in.
  10. If you don’t like to get your hands dirty, you can go V.I.P or even V.V.I.P for a dose of luxury. There is always the glamping option for the glamorous festival goers. You don’t have to camp at all, and just get a weekend ticket! 


Here’s an insight to the antics of my bank holiday weekend…

11377343_862525507153443_5733745419071294450_n 11377301_714974048625169_6576701961359190873_n 11377217_714974355291805_8903871191591935741_n 11377193_714974591958448_407485690103803797_n 11377097_714973918625182_3822475022355632154_n 11377079_714974598625114_4393410888914882649_n 11351357_714974058625168_5931281081387613090_n 11351279_10205831897910560_649891015470472291_n 11351184_10205831897870559_5545134600968057393_n 11350584_714974601958447_5838450046170658337_n 11350540_714974435291797_1399132685006970975_n 11330021_714974688625105_2137419119185542283_n 11330019_10205831662944686_1712909372904063595_n 11295929_10205831669944861_9097795985499013245_n 11265537_714974278625146_3982965540962484766_n 11265227_714973911958516_1161786336420178694_n 11264052_714974358625138_7841415892107053285_n 11262999_10205831661984662_4390046869290596059_n 11227527_10205831670144866_6176308042679104119_n 11222405_714973915291849_4682776152870589667_n 11221524_10152944790812339_998457044888642494_n 11219735_862525600486767_4732586981586299783_n 11215069_10152944790587339_4254578600994902369_n 11219035_714974345291806_6302976619047797383_n 11209523_714974265291814_2121244156312844333_n 11204939_714974175291823_282292131191035690_n 11152686_714974178625156_72855456806475413_n 11137173_10205831895790507_692915783788319145_n 11130204_10205831662424673_7297999280136329343_n 11102807_714974188625155_2127319542071323094_n 11017555_714974428625131_6285060217308959024_n 10989519_10152944791102339_3892890543475867273_n 10645278_862525450486782_2318975240506378353_n 10553538_714974051958502_1925134416071995750_n 10478994_714973921958515_7904182300951727236_n 10478931_714974691958438_4768343007311219796_n 10422024_714974045291836_2857846824721053926_n 10420361_714974695291771_173257086266977883_n 1524705_714974425291798_845787607613144508_n 522148_714974421958465_472195638406436713_n 21674_714974275291813_3762233750759881018_n 20796_714974588625115_3835499874922931471_n 13509_714973905291850_3500894850461254113_n

I can’t wait until next year…

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