Ten ways Eat Clean Tea helps you become the best version of yourself…

Eat Clean Tea has changed the ‘tea detox’ game for good, completely turned it on it’s head and made it a million times better! I’ve bet that you’ve heard that green tea is good for you, yes? When you have a mug of green tea you’re actually only consuming 10-20% of the benefitsEat Clean Tea provides you with matcha tea, the most beneficial of the green tea family in powder form. Morning Matcha can be used in cooking, smoothies, hot drinks of course and however else you want to eat/drink it (depending on how creative you’re feeling!) Plus, the powder format means you get 100% of the benefits of Matcha green tea. 


I have incorporated my Morning Matcha in many of my dietary routines already… 

Here is my mum and myself enjoying a Morning Matcha green tea with a slice of lemon. Refreshing and much healthier than a normal breakfast tea.
I made a very simple but tasty smoothie using Morning Matcha, blueberries and spinach – talk about super foods! How creative can you get with your smoothies?
Morning Matcha isn’t just for mornings – I made a lovely Pesto pea and spinach soup and it was extremely yummy! The ingredients are as follows: ECT morning matcha, peas, spinach, red onion, garlic, pesto, vegetable stock and a little bit of Greek yoghurt plashed on top to finish!

Here are ten health benefits of purchasing Eat Clean Tea…

  1. Morning Matcha contains an abundance of antioxidants which neutralise harmful free radicals in your body that are caused by oxidation.
  2. These antioxidants can also help with weight loss as they react with fat cells to cut their production of triglycerides. Matcha contains the most amount of antioxidants compared with all the other known super foods combined, as shown below:
  3. Matcha aids weight lost because it boosts your metabolism and helps break down fat in the body. This is because it contains EGCG – and the concentration in matcha tea is 137 times more than regular green tea.
  4. Also, Eat Clean Tea’s Morning Matcha lowers blood sugar levels – this supports weight loss further as it has a positive effect on the amount of insulin in the body which is needed to stabilize blood sugar levels.
  5. When consumed twice a day, Matcha green tea can increase your body’s calorie burning rate from 8-10% to 39-43%. Amazing!
  6. It’s not all about weight loss! Matcha releases chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin which improves concentration and focus and makes you feel generally better, inside and out!
  7. Do you sometimes feel a bit lethargic and run down? Matcha has a cure for that too! It contains a combination of nutrients that can provide you with a powerful energy boost that will aid your endurance and fitness.
  8. Matcha green tea powder contains potassium, iron, calcium, protein and vitamins C and A. This means that your immune system is very well supported and your overall health is well and truly looked after.
  9. So, ECT can aid weight loss, improve your mood, concentration and general health as well as give you more energy whilst doing this… what else? Well, I’ve already seen an improvement in my skin. Before using Morning Matcha from Eat Clean Tea, I had acne scars, breakouts and washed out looking skin. Now my skin is looking more radiant, I’m getting less breakouts and it looks more hydrated and healthy!
  10. Finally, when you order this miracle maker/tasty treat you can also get a nutrition plan. The lovely people in the ECT community have put together easy to follow meal plans which will increase weight loss further.


So what are you waiting for?
Order your Eat Clean Tea today from their website and join the ECT lifestyle – you won’t regret it!

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