Ten by Madewell: The Denim Edit…

Madewell are a fabulous and chic clothing and accessories brand and they have really nailed timeless denim. Denim never goes out of style, therefore all you can do is see how many different ways you can wear it. Plus, denim goes with almost any outfit, therefore it’s a wardrobe essential! Madewell have ten fabulous denim collections (perfect for this post) for you to browse and explore…

SlimBoyjean_v1_m56577569830694902 SkinnySkinnyCrop_v1_m56577569830694900 SkinnySkinny_v1_m56577569830694901 PerfectSummerJean_v1_m56577569830794814 Overalls_v1_m56577569830694898 HighRiserSkinnySkinny_v1_m56577569830694896 Flares_v1_m56577569830899178 EvenMoreDenim_v1_m56577569830694893 Boyjean_v1_m56577569830694887 AlleyStraight_v1_m56577569830694885

Have a look for yourself on the denim tab of their website, which I’ve conveniently linked here for you.

So what’s your favourite item of denim clothing? What pair of jeans can’t you live without? 

For me, it’s skinny black jeans. They instantly make you look slimmer and can be dressed up and dressed down depending on the occasion.

E0257_BK5217_m B1799_BK5217_m

Or do you like to make a bit of a statement? How about some flairs or dungarees?

C5781_WT8315_m C2559_DM0902_m

Maybe you can perfect that ‘boyish charm’ in boy jeans or look comfy chic in the perfect summer jean. 

E0269_DM1107_m B3030_WP9935_m

Two items that are also essential pieces in my wardrobe is a blue denim jacket, denim shirt and white jeans, and of course Madewell stocks them…

C1741_WT8315_m C5791_DM0991_m B8106_DM0897_m

Whatever type of denim fits your personal preference, Madewell covers all bases, have a look for yourself on their website.

img15_v1_m56577569831006569 img13_v1_m56577569831006567 img8_v1_m56577569831006586 img4_v1_m56577569831006578 img3_v1_m56577569831006576 img1_v1_m56577569831006572

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