Ten items of timeless jewellery that all women should invest in from Kiki McDonough…

Kiki McDonough has been designing luxury jewellery since 1985, at a time when jewellery sales were mostly conventional. Women wore jewellery that was bought for them as a gift, often from a man on a special occasion, or they wore antique pieces that had been handed down from generation to generation.

Now Kiki wants women to invest in themselves. You deserve to feel glamorous and beautiful everyday. Kiki Jewellery are renown for their striking coloured gemstones and timeless designs. Their collections are endlessly elegant.

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Here are ten of my favourite items from Kiki jewellery…

peridot_and_blue_topaz_-_copy green_am_pear_drops_1 eve_single_bee_blue_topaz_necklace_yg-web_1 diamond_circle_motif 2015-128_revised_ 2015-73wg 2015-65 2014-186_revised 2014-166_1_1 2014-239

Shop Kiki Jewellery now by visiting their website.

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