Ten reasons to go to THE PIG…

For my birthday at the end of July I was taken for a surprise meal at THE PIG – On The Beach. I immediately fell in love with it’s beautiful location, magnificent building, homely interior and unique 25 mile menuMy fantastic birthday celebrations at THE PIG – on the beach made me interested to compare other hotels in THE PIG chain. How did the menus compare? Did they have the same fascinating, eclectic interior design?

THE PIG – on the beach

IMG_4535 IMG_4512Approaching THE PIG – on the beach was almost dreamlike – I felt like I had left England. The roads meandered through the rural country side of the Purbecks, with beautiful views of the sea and beyond. To say it was picturesque is an understatement!

The hotel itself was an impressive, grand building with countless corners, turrets and dormer windows, to me it was more like an incredibly detailed sketch.


Inside we were greeted by smiling staff, and a striking fireplace in the centre of miscellaneous furniture which gave THE PIG – on the beach it’s captivating eclectic atmosphere.


THE PIG prides itself on it’s locally sourced food and drinks. Before the meal I tried their Foragers Bellini (above) and my boyfriend tried their local lager, Number 1 Beer. We were both impressed with the taste and how they had kept a fair amount of their drinks in cohesion with the 25 mile menu. 

So, superb staff, a remarkable building – inside and out in a lovely location with stunning views. However, if you go out for a meal then it all comes down to the food…

IMG_4528 IMG_4529 IMG_4531

I certainly wasn’t disappointed! For my starter I had a trout pate, pigeon breast with thrice cooked chips and a cheese board for desert. Not only was the food delicious but it was all locally sourced within 25 miles. This mean real, fresh English food. This was all complemented by an exceptional New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (I forgave them for exceeding their 25 mile radius as it was so tasty!)

IMG_4522 IMG_4516 IMG_4513

A large selection of their food came from their own gardens and farm, whilst they grew their own herbs right there in the restaurant! They even have a map to show you where they source the rest of their ingredients.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 14.33.40

I’m sure you can understand my desire to compare THE PIG – on the beach with THE PIG in Brockenhurst, The New Forest which are roughly 43 miles apart whilst both employing a 25 mile menu scheme.


IMG_4677 IMG_4705

The New Forest is beautiful in it’s own right; endearing towns, acres of wild countryside and fascinating heritages – the perfect location for THE PIG. Walking towards the hotel was extremely impressive. The converted manor house stands majestically in what seems the middle of nowhere. Lights lit the path up to the front door and the house look opulent yet slightly wild, abundant in plants and shrubbery. If I’m honest, it was slightly haunting (in a good way) and reminded me of how I would imagine Miss Havisham’s house (just better maintained, and without the sense that their was a loopy ex-bride sat inside).

IMG_4707 IMG_4697 IMG_4699 IMG_4683 IMG_4682

Again, on arrival we were greeted by welcoming staff who offered us a drinks menu and led us to sit in the lounge whilst our table was prepared (we arrived early in order to have some drinks and explore!) My boyfriend and I were bought a glass each of Nyetimber – an English sparkling wine which tasted as good as a fine champagne. They were presented in champagne flutes with engraving in the glass. We also got to try three of their exclusive ‘Piggy Bits’ – picture shown above.

The lounge was charming, with it’s homely sofas and coffee tables contrasting the quite traditional (also can be considered quite spooky) portraits which were even more prominent thanks to the lighting. The walls were impressively painted to appear worn and cracked (I actually thought it was until I had a closer inspection) and the exposed brick wall above the fireplace exaggerated this. Every part of the interior was cohesive, from it’s high ceilings and notable 14 inch skirting board to it’s finishing soft touches.

IMG_4709 IMG_4696 IMG_4694 IMG_4693 IMG_4690 IMG_4691 IMG_4688 IMG_4687 IMG_4685

Exploring the grounds of THE PIG was a lot of fun, we saw more of the accommodation; the courtyard; their farm and food garden and more of the surroundings.

IMG_4701 IMG_4702 IMG_4703

The menu was again all locally sourced within 25 miles of the hotel and again was delicious. For a started I had roasted scallops, I’ve only ever had pan-fried scallops so this was a new experience and a very tasty one at that. The lamb rump was absolutely gorgeous! So tender and mouth-wateringly rich in flavour!

IMG_4535 IMG_4705

In summary, here are ten reasons to visit THE PIG…

  1. Fantastic location
  2. Beautiful views
  3. Locally sourced ingredients
  4. Fresh food
  5. Hospitable staff
  6. Magnificent buildings
  7. Gorgeous interior design in cohesion with the location and building
  8. Welcoming bar and lounge for drinks
  9. Delicious food
  10. A unique menu

Although I have not experienced staying at THE PIG hotel I’m sure upholds it’s high standards throughout. I thoroughly encourage a visit to your nearest THE PIG hotel – visit their website to find your closest.

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