Ten items to grab while you can from Blue Vanilla before summer is over…

Blue Vanilla provide fashion conscious women feminine & flirty clothing – perfect for those warm summer days! Their clothes are stylish, chic and versatile so you can match their clothes to your personality. Pretty dresses and statement jumpsuits are amongst their beautiful range. We’re a week into August and we’re hopeful for more sunny days to come, so here are ten items from Blue Vanilla to grab before the summer is up…

NL5863_FRONT__86302_zoom NL5863_BACK__91423_zoom NL5806_WHITE_SIDE__57629_zoom NL5806_WHITE_BACK2__94542_zoom NL5801A_SIDE2__38623_zoom NL5801A_SIDE__79105_zoom NL5246_SIDE__56852_zoom NL5246_BACK__64389_zoom NL5214_BLACK_FRONT__24536_zoom NL5214_BLACK_BACK__34165_zoom MI2850_WHITE_FRONT__78717_zoom

MI2850_WHITE_BACK__20587_zoom LONGTOP_WHITE_4__09248_zoom LONGTOP_WHITE_3__43044_zoom JUMPSUIT_PINK_SIDE2__26097_zoom JUMPSUIT_PINK_BACK__66823_zoom BVO0038_BLACKCREAM_FRONT_FULLLENGTH__16764_zoom BVO0038_BLACKCREAM_BACK__60788_zoom

NL3466_FRONT__52159_zoom NL3466_BACK__27825_zoom Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 09.57.37

I love my Blue Vanilla playsuit – I can wear it out in the day and dress it up for the evening with a pair of wedges! The material is light and airy, plus they have paid a lot of attention to detail – from the buttoned front, the butterfly print and the open back. Shop Blue Vanilla now on their website!

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