10 Things You Learn Your Freshman Year of College

Thought Catalog

Maurizio PesceMaurizio Pesce

1. Everyone has a story.

The girl who parties every night of the week, the girl who posts the cutest pictures of her with allll her new friends, the guy who “has it all together” — everyone you will meet has a story. What you initially perceive may not be an accurate representation of a person. It can be really easy to make snap-judgments of new people you will meet. I’ve learned that no matter what first impressions people give, it pays to give them a second look. After all, isn’t that what you hope people do when they meet you as well? Taking time to get to know different people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs can only grow you as a person.

2. Social media is not reality.

The transition into freshman year of college is hard enough without perceiving how your classmates from high school…

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