Ten products from Forever Unique that you’re going to want for that last minute summer holiday escape…

Forever Unique is a luxury fashion brand who specialise in ladies occasion wear, however, they do a killer beach & swimwear collection.

If you’re tired of the rainy English summer, or just happen to be jetting off somewhere nice then you should check out Forever Unique’s fabulous beachwear. To help you out, I’ve listed my top tenForever Unique beach buys below…

main-campaign-FU_BEACH_MABEL main-ZOYA_BLACK_SR1704_413 main-campaign-FU_BEACH_JOELLE main-campaign-FU_BEACH_BREEZE main-campaign-FU_BEACH_ANYA main-BRIANNA_NAVY_SR0611_487 detail-BREEZE_PAISLEY_SR1750_531 cutout-JOELLE_COLOUREDSNAKE_SR1748_144 celebstyle-marigold back-MARIGOLD_YELLOW_SR0134_474 back-VIVIENNE_NAVY_SR1708_033 1-main-VIVIENNE_NAVY_SR1708_029 cutout-BEACON_GREEN_SR0113_0015 back-BEACON_GREEN_SR0113_162 1-main-PEBBLES_BLACK_SR0123_001 back-PEBBLES_BLACK_SR0123_003 IMG_5221 IMG_5226 IMG_5232

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