Ten pieces of advice when playing ‘Bean Boozled’ by Jelly Belly…

When you were younger your parents probably used to say to you “Don’t play with your food!’ – Now Jelly Belly is giving you a reason to do just that. Are you feeling rebellious? Then dare to play BEAN BOOZLED. 


Jelly Belly now boasts an abundance of tasty flavours – and a selection of not so tasty flavours. So what happens when the yummy jelly beans, look exactly like the gross jelly beans? That’s exactly what BEAN BOOZLED is… it’s like a sweetie russian roulette. Will you get ‘Tutti-Frutti’ or ‘Stinky Socks’? There are many other flavours to gamble with:

Lawn Clippings or Lime
Rotten Egg or Buttered Popcorn (My ultimate nemesis)
Toothpaste or Berry Blue
Vomit or Peach (Another stomach-churner or tasty treat)
Dog Food or Chocolate Pudding
Booger or Juicy Pear
Baby Wipes or Coconut


All you’ve got to do is spin the wheel and hope for the best. Here are my ten pieces of advice when playing BEAN BOOZLED by Jelly Belly.

1- It’s more fun with 2+ players – watching their reactions when they realise they’re snacking on a dog food flavoured jelly bean is priceless!

2- Have a glass of water, tasty drink or snack nearby in case you need to wash down a bad taste.

3- A bin close to you may also be helpful.

4- Have a camera close – the photos are hilarious!


5- Appreciate the tasty ones.

6- Don’t forget you’re playing this game and absentmindedly reach for a jelly bean, there’s a 50% chance you’ll get a nasty surprise!

7- Enjoy it. it’s a fun game, it’s not supposed to be torture.

8- Congratulate yourself for playing – a lot of my house mates were too ‘scared.’ Be brave – it’s funny.

9- Cross your fingers, your arms, your legs and wish to get a delicious flavoured jelly bean.

10- Reward yourself with a yummy pack of Jelly Beans from Jelly Belly!


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