Seven things girls should stop doing in order to achieve a happy relationship…

It’s not a secret that girls have the capacity to be slightly psychotic from time to time, we can all thank hormones for that. Crazy is the new normal for women, it’s in our DNA, we can’t help it. However, this doesn’t mean it’s o.k. for guys to call us ‘mental’ – we’re not – unless you set his Xbox on fire because he was 10 minutes late, that’s not cool.

There is a fine line between being hormonal and being unbearable; to help stop you from crossing the line I have listed seven things to avoid being dubbed a ‘psycho.’ As far as irrational girlfriends go, I would say I’m on the other end of the spectrum, but we all have our moments and little pet peeves, don’t we?


Ten ways to keep your happy relationship, happy…

  1. Don’t dwell on the past.
    Whether this be past relationships or past argument, it’s not healthy and it will always surface sore subjects and thus create another argument.
  2. Don’t worry about the future. (So guilty)
    Worrying about the future won’t solve anything, in fact, it can create issues. Fixating on the future causes you to over-analyse and fish for information. In general, men don’t tend to think further than your dinner plans that day, if you’re looking for a proposal out of your interrogation of his ‘future feelings’ then the likelihood is that you’re going to be disappointed.
  3. Don’t act jealous.
    Notice how I said ‘act.’ Telling someone ‘don’t be jealous’ is much easier said than done, but you can always act it. I know that repression often isn’t good advice as apparently it builds up and then suddenly you’re in a full blown argument because your boyfriend/girlfriend helped an old lady across the road – how dare he hold her arm. Don’t get angry, don’t overly-repress but just be calm and collected when you feel the green mask of jealously making it’s way onto your face.
  4. Try not to set huge expectations.
    The chances are, you other half isn’t going to bring you a hamper of goodies because you told him you think you’ve got a cold coming on; you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. If he does, he’s a keeper. Or just too keen. Or a stalker. Or compensating for something. All things to think about…
  5. Be comfortable, but not overly comfortable.
    And by this I mean, don’t let yourself go. Don’t get me wrong, your partner isn’t with you just for your looks, but I’m sure that a physical attraction is a big part of it. I’m not implying he won’t love you if you put on a bit of comfort weight, I’m saying he may have his doubts if you ditch the razor, decide showering isn’t mandatory, farting is fine and perhaps becoming 22 stone will keep you warm in the winter.
  6. Don’t make him the only element of your life.
    Ditching your friends, your hobbies and avoiding other responsibilities because of a guy are limited to just your first honeymoon week. After that, you need your own life. This makes you look needy and you also run the risk of suffocating him.
  7. Try to avoid nagging.
    If your other half really isn’t pulling their weight, then you need a proper conversation. Nagging will not only annoy him but will also create a very think layer of underlying tension that could explode at any moment; you may ask him if he could get you a glass of water whilst he was in the kitchen and suddenly, you’re single again. This works both ways.


Just try you best to be normal ladies.

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